December 02, 2020

Advanced Scanning Technology for 3D Bin-Picking and 3D Measurements

4th generation of the RoboPicker is now offered under PMS 4.0 automation & inspection technology. The new RoboPicker brings high-end 3D measurement accuracy and capabilities to be used in all industrial applications, where high accuracy and high precision required.

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November 11, 2020

New Orders for ROBOPICKER 4th Generation

We are happy to announce that Q4/2020 deliveries of 4th Gen. RoboPickers have been successfully installed in automation and production lines. ROBOVIS received bulk orders from system integrators and end-customers for installation in Q1/2021 and Q2 /2021. RoboPicker's 4th Generation is becoming a industry standard for solving complex 3D machine vision problems with plug and automate solutions. 

September 15, 2020

ROBOPICKER 4th Generation with PMS 4.0

RoboPickers 4th Gen. have been started to be delivered to our World-Wide customers and partners with advanced 3D imaging quality for high speed and high accuracy requirements. New RoboPicker is able to work stationary or moving in all industrial conditions with easy plug and automate interface to automation systems for 3D machine vision applications such as bin-picking, metrology, surface inspection, CAD-CAM, etc. applications.

May 16, 2019

PMS 3D Blue-Light Microscope Technology

ROBOVIS published its new patent pending “PMS 3D Blue-Light Microscope Technology” with 120MP resolution and 3 different telecentric field of view options. The offered technology is able to identify, characterize and measure defects on high-quality images with integrated AI based classification down to 0.005mm sizes. The system is able to be installed as in-line (production) or off-line (laboratory) on flat (glass, metal, plastic, print, textile, etc.) and also on 3D dimensional (automotive, electronics, consumer, etc. products) objects with different configuration possibilities. Please contact us via for more information. In addition, you are also welcome to visit us at our sales and training center in Berlin Germany.

Januar 15, 2019

ROBOVIS smart vision system for heavy conditions with PMS 4.0

The new PMS-OCR 1500-M smart vision system with advanced text, datacode and barcode reading capabilities can run in all conditions even in very heavy conditions. ROBOVIS corporates with its industry partners to install this AI based compact machine vision with all required optical, mechanical and electrical requirements with very good and reasonable price advantages. Please contact us to get more information and request demo test for this unique technology.

October 15, 2018

New Generation Machine Vision Microscope System

ROBOVIS published its new machine vision microscope system with new features under PMS 4.0 especially for scientific purposes. The system is able to be used down to micrometer level defects to be inspected and classified automatically by using 3D and 2D imaging techniques. The system is able to generate automatic reporting for scientific research and quality management purposes.

September 3, 2018

ROBOVIS offers its new ThermoScan system

The newest ThermoScan system of ROBOVIS is able to detect inside metallic and composite defects with a inline solution.

November 12, 2018

ROBOVIS published its newest products at Vision Show 2018.

Thanks for our all visitors at Vision Show in Stuttgart, Germany. We will contact with our all new partners to offer our products and solutions.

September 17, 2018

New & Innovative X-Ray System Solution

ROBOVIS completed the successfull tests with its new version of the Inline X-Ray System under PMS-5D X-Ray Scanner. The system is further tested with industrial partners to inspect complex metallic parts for inner defects.
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