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The new version of RoboPicker comes with unique patent pending matrix imaging and dynamic light-controller engine technology, which enables RoboPicker to be used in most of inline machine vision applications.


The RoboPicker is equipped with high-resolution 3D color cameras and precise optics for high-resolution imaging to achieve high accuracy in applications. The integrated ready-to-start interfaces for industrial robots, cobots, static bridges and controllers support for quick installation in automation lines. Easy training capability for new objects and easy calibration functionality let the RoboPicker to be used more easier than existing methods for point-cloud generation, pick & place (bin-picking), surface inspection and metrology applications.

Developers can also use the full-advantage of the newest technology via PMS.dll to acquire high-quality 3D point cloud and surface imaging data to implement their own compact machine vision applications. Sample C#, C++ or 3rd party scripts (Halcon) are also provided for quick own application development.

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RoboPicker 3D  PointCloud SI

RoboPicker 3D PointCloud SI

PointCloud SI vision module of the RoboPicker is offered for certified system integrators and automation partners to develop their own 3D machine vision applications.

RoboPicker is provided with PMS.dll to acquire real-time high-accuracy 3D point cloud color data to be used in customized applications.

RoboPicker 3D Pick&Place

RoboPicker 3D Pick&Place

Pick & Place vision module of the RoboPicker is offered with PMS as a package solution to be used in bin-picking and assembly applications.

Pick & Place module offers rich-set of automation interface to communicate with robots, cobots or PLCs via standard industrial interfaces.
RoboPicker 3D SurfaceInspector

RoboPicker 3D SurfaceInspector

SurfaceInspector vision module of the RoboPicker is offered with PMS as a package solution to be used in surface inspection applications.

SurfaceInspector vision module offers patent pending inline RGB-Deflectometry method for inspection of painted and non-painted surfaces in automotive, aerospace, electronics, glass, molding, plastic, textile and metal industries etc.

RoboPicker 3D Metrology

RoboPicker 3D Metrology

Metrology vision module of the RoboPicker is offered with PMS as a package solution to be used in 3D&2D measurement applications based on CAD or trained Models.

Metrology vision module offers interface and sample programs to interface with other well-known 3D measurement programs to fulfill advanced quality measurement requirements.

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