Our Story

You can trust in our SPEED, CREATIVITY and INNOVATION.

The ROBOVIS company was founded as an owner-managed technology firm in the heart of research and development center of Germany in Berlin.

As the company logo shows, the philosophy of ROBOVIS is a strong focus on the science and develop unique applications with extended research and development activities.

Our strengths are the in-house development and serial production of complex, computer-controlled industrial image processing and robotics automation systems. We offer our solutions also in turnkey automation systems for small and large-scale enterprises with our industry partners.

Today, we have direct sales and development activities with our international direct three ROBOVIS locations and additional sales partners to
work closely with our world-wide customers to make sure we meet their requirements.

Our Capabilities

Experts of Machine Vision and Robotics Technologies

Our Skills

We offer unique software solutions to fulfill specific customer requirements. We plan, design and develop software solutions under various IDEs with most common programming languages.

Standard Machine Vision Products100%
Custom Specific Machine Vision System Solutions100%
Robotics and Automation Systems100%
Joint Development For Custom Requirements100%
Engineering Services (Software, Electrical and Mechanical)100%

Why Chose Us?

Creative People
We have very creative and innovative R&D engineers to support your projects. We also work very close with well-known international universities and institutions to offer unique and advanced solutions for our customers and partners. Our software, electrical, optical and mechanical engineers works very close during the lifetime of the project to create best solutions.
Awesome Customer Support

Senior Management

Okan AgbugaFounder & CEO

Since founding ROBOVIS GmbH, Mr. Agbuga has gained international success with his unique innovation and lateral-management approach. Today, ROBOVIS is one of the well-known robotics and vision technologies companies with World-Wide satisfied customers. ROBOVIS offers advanced 2D, 3D and 5D machine vision technologies, complex robotics solutions and consulting services to various industrial automation and production companies. Mr. Agbuga was from Jan 2012 to Dec 2014, Vice President and R&D Manager at ISRA Vision, a German manufacturer of machine vision and industrial image processing systems. Prior to this, until Dec 2011, Mr. Agbuga served as Director and R&D Manager at ESCAD, a German company that offers machine vision, automation and engineering technologies for industries such as pharmacy, aerospace, medical, electronics, semiconductors, glass and textile. Mr. Agbuga is interested and focused on implementation of machine vision, collaborative robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, self-driven autonomous systems, 2D/3D sensors, data processing and automation technologies in industrial inline applications. He drives the company to be one of the key-player in machine vision and robotics industry with year-to-year high growing rates.

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